A Rescued Cat Is The Star Of ‘Gracie Goes Adventuring’ Featuring Her Life Outdoors

Gracie the cat is taking social media by storm with her many adventures. Gracie was found as a kitten in a wall in St. John in the US Virgin Islands by her owner, Mike Usher. Mike came upon Gracie when he was taking care of his uncle’s house.

Cold and hungry after being separated from her mother, Gracie meowed for days before Mike was able to find her. When Mike finally did rescue Gracie, it was love at first sight. Mike, who refers to himself as Gracie’s “cat daddy,” nursed the baby kitten back to health, watching with glee as Gracie began to thrive.

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What dad? I'm just hunting crabs.

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While Gracie began to hold her own, Mike was faced with a new conundrum. Mike leads a very active lifestyle, enjoying swimming and hiking. Mike was heartbroken to leave Gracie alone at home when he went on his adventures, so he decided to find a way to bring Gracie with him on his trips.

At first, Mike started off with easy tasks, putting Gracie’s little paws in the water at the edge of the beach. In a separate video Mike posted to Instagram, Gracie showed how she was getting the hang of her daddy’s playful lifestyle as she swam to him in the ocean.

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Tree naps are the best naps.

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Soon, Gracie came to enjoy Mike’s hikes as well. A photo Mike posted to Instagram showed Gracie’s first hike. The little cat sits on Mike’s shoulder enjoying the beautiful wilderness and sunshine. A caption written from Gracie’s perspective jokes that Gracie hit the jackpot in finding Mike, who serves as both her kitten chauffeur and chair. As time went on, Gracie came to love the outdoors, particularly if she is given a blanket or yoga mat to sit on.

Gracie’s adventures have thus generated great interest on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers. When asked about their routine, Mike says that now that Gracie is a little older, she is more confident being outside. Where once she would ride on Mike’s back, Gracie now enjoys being walked on a leash. Grooming is a big part of their routine, too.

After swimming in the ocean, Mike said that he gives Gracie a freshwater bath and dries her with a towel. The now 7-month-old Gracie enjoys these necessities, however, lounging in the sun outside Mike’s house afterward.

What do you think of Mike and Gracie’s story? What do you enjoy doing with your pets?

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