At Last Mother Orangutan Is Reunited With Her Baby That Had Been Taken Away From Her

Clara, an orangutan mother, was finally reunited with her infant after she had been kidnapped, and her experience took over an entire episode of “Orangutan Jungle School,” which is a new TV show on the UK’s Channel 4.

This show profiles orphan Orangutans and their lives and how they are being rescued and then later released back into the wild after they have been rehabilitated.

In the episode, the baby orangutan, Clarita was returned to her mother, Clara, after having been kidnapped by one of the local dominant males. Before baby Clarita was mercilessly snatched away from her mother, they had been living a blissful and peaceful existence.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is the organization that is responsible for “Orangutan Jungle School,” and they shoot the show in the Borneo Jungle located in Central Kalimantan Indonesia. The mother and baby were separated for almost a week before they were finally rescued and reunited.

Unfortunately, the experts that work with the organization knew that the worst was not over, even though everyone was full of joy to reunite the mother and baby after finding them both alive. In an interview with Metro, one of the staff that works at the park where they were taken explained that even though they were together, the mother could still reject the baby even though it was her own.

This can be attributed to the baby smelling different than it had when she had lost it. If this happens, the mother might refuse to nurse the baby, even if she does cradle it. This would be bad for little Clarita.

The staff was naturally cautious when bringing the baby back to its mother. They first allowed Clara to touch her baby through the bars of the cage to measure her reaction towards her. Thankfully, the mother recognized her daughter and there were no major issues for the mother and daughter.

In the video, one of the staff even mentioned that it looked like Clara was actually happy to see her child again. After seeing how Clara reacted with the cage between them, the staff opened the cage and handed the baby to Clara, who embraced her lovingly.

This was a good start, but the staff had to be sure that Clara was going to accept the baby and allow her to nurse fully. After a short time, the staff was relieved when Clara allowed the baby to nurse from her. It was a fantastic sight, and you should tell all of your friends to watch the excellent episode and witness mother nature and nurture take place in what could have been a disastrous reunion.

What do you think of this video? Did it break your heart too? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to find out what they think.

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