Baby Koala Clung To Teddy Bear After Losing Her Mom

Lucy, a baby koala bear, was found on a hot summer day on a driveway in a suburban Australian city some time ago. She was helpless as her mom had either died, lost her or abandoned her. The heat was starting to really impact Lucy as she was desperate for shade but was unable to get to any. It was such a heartbreaking scene that touched those from throughout Australia and the rest of the world who had heard about her terrible plight.

However, she was ultimately discovered on that driveway and quickly rushed to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which is located in the rural town of Beerwah, 50 miles north of Brisbane, and is where Steve Irwin, the famous late wildlife expert, spent much of his time as the Australia Zoo is situated in Beerwah. If he had been still with us, Steve would surely have been looking on this scene with care and passion as Lucy fought the pinkeye and other struggles that she was enduring.

The most touching images of Lucy that have been viewed by so many around the world show the young koala bear clutching a teddy bear, finding comfort in it that was no longer available with her mom gone. Fortunately, at the time that those photos were taken, Lucy was well on her way towards a full recovery.

A popular video shows Lucy energetically grabbing leaves and eating them, looking so adorable while doing so, such an encouraging sign compared to how she was when she was discovered on that driveway. Everybody is celebrating Lucy’s recovery and looking forward to her living a long life full of adventure.

However, sadly, a number of factors have caused koalas to struggle so much more than they used to. This not only includes massive fires but also intentional deforestation, circumstances that have resulted in more than 80% of Australia’s original koala habitat no longer existing. These animals have started creeping closer and closer to humans as they seek food and shelter and better lives for themselves.

What’s the most unexpected animal that you have come across in your or somebody else’s driveway? Were they struggling like Lucy or did they appear to be healthy and were simply passing through or maybe seeing if you had any food or water to provide them? Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share!

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