Cat ‘Adopts’ Orphaned Kitten And Teaches Him How To Snuggle

Our hearts break when we see the sheer amount of abandoned animals that are without homes and owners that love them. That’s why we love to hear stories about animals that find their forever homes.

This one story, in particular, is about an adorable kitten that found his family.  On a cold day in October, one tiny kitten was all alone. In need of emergency medical attention, this kitten was lucky that Moonglade Rose, an animal rescuer, took him to the vet. 

Naming the kitten Opie, Rose knew she couldn’t just leave him at the shelter. While she was excited to bring Opie to her new home, Rose was worried how accepting her current cat would be.

Andy, Rose’s cat, used to be in the same position as Opie. He was a rescue and Rose had no idea how he’d interact with another cat coming into the home. Despite this risk, Rose knew that Opie needed a loving family.

On the day she took Opie home, Rose was hoping that Andy would be welcoming. What happened when the two cats met took Rose by complete surprise. As soon as the cats saw each other, something astonishing happened: Andy embraced Opie!

Like a big brother giving his little brother a hug, Andy was so happy to have another cat in the house! 

According to Rose, Andy “wouldn’t stop hugging him and kissing him.”

Andy even began to groom Opie so that he would feel welcome in his new home. Just like that, the two cats became the best of friends. They stayed next to each other the entire night.

Andy was rescued too, just like Opie was, so he knows what it’s like to have a rescuer like Rose. It’s clear that Andy, Rose, and Opie are all one happy family. 

Ever since Opie arrived, Andy has always been there for his new brother and teaches him the ins and outs of being a house cat. He shows Opie how to use the litter box, how to play, how to hunt, how to land like a pro, and how to cuddle.  

Rose says she finds the story between the two cats to be so touching since she was adopted. She says that saving Andy saved her life. Now she sees that Opie is doing the same thing for Andy.

What a touching story of unconditional love! Do you have pets like Andy and Opie? Leave your thoughts on this heartwarming story in a comment below and pass this along to your friends and family so they don’t miss out on this adorable scene!

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