Couple Adopts Tiny Maine Coon Kitten Not Expecting Him To Become Longest Cat In The World

Stephy Hirst was shocked when she picked up Omar, her new kitten. That was because he was already the same weight as the rest of his brothers and sisters. However, she had no idea that he would actually become a contender for “World’s Longest Cat” for the Guinness World Records.

Hirst spoke about their expectations. They thought that their new kitten would get to about 19 pounds. But when he was a year old and still growing, they realized that their cat was on his way to being something of an abnormality. Omar is now a full-grown cat, weighing in at 30 pounds. He measures 27 inches, an amazing length for a cat.

According to the news, Hirst says that on a typical morning, Omar gets up at about 5:00 a.m. He will eat a bit of dry cat food before relaxing in their home. Later on in the morning, Omar will head outside to play in the yard. After playtime, he will lounge on the trampoline and take a nap. He will then eat an amazing feast that consists of raw kangaroo meat. Yes, you read that right – kangaroo meat! Hirst said that is one of the only meats that they could get this huge cat to actually eat.

While Omar has the run of the house, he has been banned from sleeping in the bed at night. Hirst explained that he simply takes up too much room. Omar even has his own Instagram account. This adorable kitty found himself with quite a few followers after it went live.

Guinness World Records contacted Hirst after spotting the cat on a popular Instagram account, known as “Cats of Instagram.” That is when they requested to check his measurements. In order to win the title of “World’s Longest Cat,” Omar needs to beat another Maine Coon that lives in Wakefield, Yorkshire. We can’t wait to see if he actually does it! Hirst said that many people message her to ask if the pictures are photoshopped. She assures the public that Omar really is that big! Check out this huge cat for yourself below. We can’t believe what a beautiful feline Omar is!

What did you think of this precious cat? Do you know any cats who are just as big? Leave us a comment and be sure to pass this article along to other cat lovers in your life!

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