Dog Found A Box Of Tiny Stray Kittens And Takes Care Of Them Becoming Unlikely Foster Father

One of the biggest myths about pets is dogs and cats are natural enemies. You can thank the old-time cartoon film industry for that falsehood. Seriously, some dogs and cats aren’t a good fit together, but many are. Look at all the many dogs and cats living in homes together for proof. What about dogs and cats who are “complete strangers” to one another? It seems a dog might not only show kindness, but also compassion to cats he/she may not know.

Aragon showed his caring side when, while out for a walk with his owner, the canine came across an abandoned litter of kittens. The kittens were in a precarious position. Without any help, the kittens might not have survived on their own for long. The kittens were left by the mountain of Immitos in Greece. The area has predators, including foxes. Small animals, ones unable to defend themselves, end up as prey.

Thanks to Aragon, help arrived. As stated in the report, Aragon discovered the kittens, which allowed his owner to save them. The kittens now await adoption, while Aragon serves as their foster father. Unfortunately, people don’t realize how awful it is to abandon pets. Aragon’s “mom” intended to make a video about local abandoned pets when she was out walking the dog. She expected to find empty boxes or other signs of lost pets. Mercifully, an alert Aragon picked up the kittens’ scents and rushed to them.

Who is Aragon’s owner? She volunteers as an animal rescuer for SCARS. Aragon, himself, is a rescued animal. Perhaps that is where his compassion for the kittens derives. Video footage of Aragon playing with the kittens is a joy to behold. All of them seem to be having a lot of fun, and they prove animals can get along. If only all humans could do the same!

The story of Aragon and the kittens should bring a smile to the face of all that it touches. Why not spread the story to as many people as you know? Animal lovers would love to hear about it.

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