Dog Hates Getting His Nails Trimmed So Father Cuts Holes In Purse For Brilliant Grooming Trick

Trips to the vet and groomer will score high on the list of dislikes for most dogs. While a quick makeover is not as intimidating as a medical checkup, many dogs feel a bit of anxiety when faced with scissors and shavers.

One of the worst experiences possible for most dogs when visiting the groomer is having their nails trimmed. Most dogs would tell you they despise the clipping of their nails if they could talk. And if you take a few moments to think about it, why would they not hate this practice?

The nail beds of dogs are especially sensitive and having someone pull at them with what looks like pliers has to be uncomfortable. It is also likely that all the promises of everything will be okay that is given to your dog at a time like this falls on deaf ears.

Kendal Pfeifer once struggled with how much her dog disliked the clipping of his nails. But her father recently came up with a trick to make the process a little easier for her dog. She decided to share the ‘hack’ with her friends online.

Kendal tweeted the photos in February that showed her dad cutting the nails. The post received 50,000 retweets and 200,000 likes in less than two days.

People were shocked at the creativity shown by Kendal’s dad. Not many people would ever have thought to make a comfortable harness for the dog using a purse. Kendal’s father then placed the dog in the harness and clipped its toenails without incident.

The comments came from all over the world. One commenter called the creation the best thing she had ever seen and another woman wrote ‘what a dad.’

Many people who saw Kendal’s post tagged their friends and suggested they would try to make a harness the next time they need to clip their own dog’s toenails.

What do you think about the creation of Kendal’s father? Would you consider using something like this for your own dog? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your friends – They will thank you for the idea.

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