Dog Pretends To Be Sick Trying To Make His Family Stay Home With Him

Often times kids might pretend to be sick to stay home from school, but a dog recently became viral news when he pretended to be sick to get the attention of his owners.

Kennady Longhurst and her husband Alex Salsberry love their Border Collie mix Sullivan, who they affectionally call Sully. Earlier this week, Kennady came home for lunch when she noticed that Sully was acting a little odd. The big guy kept coughing and choking as he made efforts to clear his throat. Horrified that her beloved dog might die, Kennady searched the internet for dog CPR while she called Alex, who returned from work right away. Kennady says that after Alex came home, Sully began acting like his old self again. Other than a random cough here and there, Sully appeared to be okay, playing and wagging his tail. Just to be on the safe side, Alex decided to take the afternoon off as the couple looked after their doggy.

Thinking that their pup was okay, Kennady and Alex began getting ready for work the next morning when Sully’s symptom returned anew. Fearing the worst, Alex decided to work from home and the two took Sully to their vet. After examining Sully, the vet determined that there was no physical reason for why he should be coughing. Nevertheless, the vet gave Sully a prescription for antibiotics to be on the safe side.

Since taking his medication, Sully hasn’t had any more respiratory problems. As reported Sully’s doctor said in a follow-up examination that sometimes dogs will pretend to be sick or hurt in order to get the attention of their human owners. Kennady later shared Sully’s story on Twitter, conceding that since she and Alex baby Sully so much, he probably figured out that he could get special treatment by pretending to be sick. Kennady’s tweet struck a chord with many Twitter users as she was inundated with stories of other pets faking illnesses to get the attention of their owners. Amazed by the response her original tweet got, Kennady told those who were interested in her story that she thinks that Sully knows that she and Alex are aware that he was only pretending to cough. The two are just happy that their sweet pooch is okay and continue giving him all the love in their hearts.

What do you think of Sully’s story? Has your pet ever faked being sick to get special attention? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family. 

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