Dog Scared Of Fireworks Wears Headphones And Watches Videos On Tablet To Calm Down

Nearly all dogs are afraid of the booming sounds produced by fireworks. It may be safe to assume that all animals, with the exception of human beings, are terrified by these unexpected and massive explosions in the sky.

The 4th of July is a fun holiday for humans, but their canine friends aren’t so fortunate. If we plan accordingly, our four-legged companions won’t have to be running around frantically or hiding underneath a table.

This thoughtful family made sure that their beloved dog was relaxed and placated throughout the entire 4th of July celebration. Joey is a beautiful Golden Retriever who is only six years old. Like most dogs, Joey is scared of the loud noises produced by fireworks.

Fortunately, his family wasn’t about to let their dog suffer while they enjoyed the spectacular light show. After all, Joey still wanted to be outside with his family during the show. Even when dogs are scared, they still love to be with their family.

In order to help their dog relax, Joey’s family gave him some headphones and started a video on their tablet for distraction. Joey’s owner, Emily, recorded a short clip of the incident and posted it on her Twitter.

Everyone’s heart melts when watching this video of a cute dog being distracted by a video on a tablet. Maybe Joey’s owner has figured out something that can help dogs across the country.

Since being posted on Emily’s Twitter, the video has gone viral with over 200,000 likes and 120,000 retweets. In fact, the video has even been featured on Today’s news segment. Joey is fortunate to have a loving family that is concerned about how he feels.

It is clear that the 4th of July is a holiday made for humans and not dogs. Emily has proven that with the help of a tablet and headphones, dogs can enjoy this wonderful holiday as well.

If you have a fellow canine friend, what did you do to make his 4th of July a little more bearable? Feel free to tell us your story in the comment section and help others get ideas for their pets.

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