Dog With Paralyzed Hind Legs Is Left On Sidewalk With Broken Wheelchair And Pack Of Diapers

A beautiful dog was left alone and abandoned. Lunita was left outside to fend for herself in Salta, Argentina along with her disability. She did not have a great life but got another chance when a rescue organization found and rescued her from the streets.

She was found near a grooming shop tied up onto a rail. She also had her legs in tow attached to a wheelchair. There was a note that was left with her. It included her name, how old she was, and why she was left.

Lunita wasn’t left with any kind of food or water to drink. Lucky for her, one of the employees that work at the grooming shop saw her and was able to notify the rescue organization. They sent out two volunteers for her.

They were able to place her information online but there wasn’t much hope that she would find a forever home. That is until a family showed up interested in her. They were from the United States and needed some funding to have her transferred back home so they began a fundraiser. Eventually she made it to the US. After she was taken in, things didn’t go so well.

The new owners weren’t very knowledgable about how to take care of Lunita and her disability. She soon had a mite infestation which developed into a serious staphylococcal infection. She was removed from this family and was taken in by another family. Because of the infection, urine scalding, and scabies, Lunita had lost the majority of her hair from the waist down and also her tail.

She also endured a horrible urinary tract infection that caused her pain. Every time that one of her caretakers wiped and cleaned her bottom, the poor thing would scream and whimper.

It took a lot of work, effort, and medical attention to treat all of Lunita’s ailments. But, after some time, she did recover.

Lunita was happy with her new family and their adventures. She was able to see snow for the very first time. She made some new friends, traveled a good bit, and even had birthday parties. Unfortunately, after she celebrated her 11th birthday she became ill. She was admitted to the ICU where she soon passed.

She was surrounded by nothing but love at this time. It was old age and past struggles that lead to her passing. Things may have been rough for her in the beginning but it’s for sure she was a very happy and loved dog during her last days.

Lunita surely got another chance at life. Would you ever adopt a dog that was once abandoned on the streets? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to show this story to another pet lover. They are sure to be moved by it.

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