Elderly Blind Golden Retriever Plays In The Snow Like He Is A Puppy Again

It’s always possible to find happiness in life, despite the hardships that we may face. A dog named Smiley was living proof of this wisdom. The Golden Retriever was unfortunately born without eyes. For two years of his life, he was abandoned in a puppy mill. Smiley also suffered from a rare type of dwarfism and other health issues, so finding a family for him was quite the struggle.

Thankfully, Joanne George, a veterinarian, came to Smiley’s rescue. She had been visiting the puppy mill to sadly euthanize 20 out of 85 dogs who resided there. However, when she showed up and realized how horrible the conditions were, she refused to do her job. She decided to take other action instead. Joanne, along with a colleague, set out to adopt all 20 dogs that were supposed to be euthanized. They eventually found homes for all of the dogs except the blind puppy, Smiley.

The vet happily decided that Smiley could be her personal pet. Smiley quickly settled into his new life with his new family that lived in Stouffville, Ontario. He ended up being a blessing to the family, just as sweet as could be and willing to please! With how happy and gentle he was, Joanne decided to sign him up to become a therapy dog. After that, Smiley visited schools, nursing homes, and hospitals making others as happy as his new mother made him.

He taught valuable lessons about perseverance and patience to all of those that he met. Smiley was able to keep spreading joy throughout his entire life until he sadly passed away from cancer at the ripe age of 15. Even though he is gone, his legacy remains through videos that have gone viral showcasing just how amazing he was. In one particular video, Joanne had recorded the elderly dog going outside for a walk in the fresh snow. The joy and excitement of the snow make him act like a young puppy all over again.

Joanne explained to viewers that even though Smiley had become deaf as he grew older, he was still able to hear a few sounds and voices if they were of higher pitch. Joanne herself, in the videos, speaks with a very high pitched voice in order for her dog to be able to take her instruction through the snow. When she speaks, you can tell he still remembers her voice and follows the sounds to guide him through the snowy path.

Through anything he’s ever been through, he remains smiling. Smiley is a great reminder that things can always get better and to persevere through whatever challenges life puts us through, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. You need to watch Smiley trounce through the snow just to see how heartwarming it is! What do you think about Smiley’s story?

Isn’t this dog the cutest? Let us know how this video made you feel and be sure to pass this on to your friends and loved ones to brighten their day! 

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