Hungry Puppies Living Alone On Utah Mountain Found By Snowmobiling Couple

Kat Perry and Corey Holt were having a blast winding through the stunning mountains of Utah on a snowmobile when they came across a fluffy white Great Pyrenees dog. The couple saw the dog in the distance and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Despite the name of the breed, it’s not common to find feral dogs in the mountains of Utah surviving on their own. It was certainly a peculiar sight that required a closer look. Since they were on a snowmobile, it was easy for Kat and Corey to get closer.

As devout animal lovers, the couple knew that the dog had recently given birth to puppies. Knowing that the mountains were a dangerous place for young pups, they decided to do whatever they could to locate and save the litter.

The location was certainly too remote and the climate too cold for the dogs to survive much longer. Eventually, Kat and Corey found 3 puppies. The nearest paved road was miles away, and the dogs had taken refuge in the mountains. The pups were wet, shivering, and hungry, like tiny balls of ice Kat said.

The dog family had entered into survival mode and were eating anything they could get their paws on in the mountain environment. Investigators think that the mother was an aid to a local sheepherder in the area. It’s a typical job of the Great Pyrenees breed. It’s believed that the dog snuck away to deliver the litter as the rancher was collecting the herd.

Kat and Corey said that it was a situation of ‘right place, right time’. They were able to carry out an amazing rescue which has since gone viral. It’s been shared online many times and has touched the hearts of countless readers. Everyone likes to see humans and animals interacting peacefully. There’s nothing more inspiring to see than humans giving up their time and energy to help animals in need.

Hopefully, the mother and young pups can find a forever home together or be returned to their previous owner. Regardless, it’s clear that their future is much brighter than it would have been had their rescuers not found them on the mountain. Perhaps it was an early Christmas miracle.

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