Mama Dog Looks Over Her Premature Newborn Puppies

All new mothers are typically anxious to watch over their newborn babies. This is especially true when a baby ends up being premature and has to spend time in the ICU. Mothers and fathers will do anything that they can to make sure that their child is getting the care and attention that they need. They may follow the doctors and nurses around while insisting that they watch them handle their young baby.

This type of behavior doesn’t just happen in the human world. Animals often watch over their young babies with as sharp an eye as their human counterparts. That was the case when a worried mother dog had to let her premature puppies get the extra care that they needed.

Two of the little puppies were very weak after Kuma, the 4-year-old mother, gave birth to the litter. In the truly wonderful video below Kuma can be seen watching anxiously as the puppies lay in an incubator.

When the mother went into labor, veterinarians knew that she was giving birth early. Kuma, who lives in Bangkok, had three small puppies. Since the puppies were born prematurely, they needed a little bit of extra care and love by local vets. They were taken from Kuma and put in an incubator for observation.

However, Kuma wasn’t going to just walk away from her puppies. You can see her standing on a stool with a paw on the side of the incubator. She stares in at her puppies, probably wondering when she can take care of them on her own. You can tell that she is truly concerned about her young ones.

Sour Pork is the proud father of the young puppies. Unfortunately, he is not seen in this footage. However, he was there to lend his support to the concerned mother. Luckily, the three puppies were able to go home later on with their dog parents.

Their human owner said in Newsflare that Kuma still watches the puppies like she is a nurse. She doesn’t leave their side as they cuddle with their momma! You can watch the wonderful video of the worried mother below. We are happy that her puppies turned out healthy and happy!

If you have ever had a mother dog watch over her babies so carefully, drop us a line below. When you are done with that, pass this on to others who need a smile today!

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