Rescue Group Find Sheepdog Owners Abandoned After He Got Sick

Some dogs are unbelievably spoiled and treated better than royalty, while others endure lives that are far from perfect. One sheepdog in Athens Greece understands what it’s like to have a miserable life, but now, thanks to the Greek rescue organization, the future is looking much brighter for this wooly boy!

Rescue workers first spotted the tired and beat-down looking sheepdog wandering the rural areas on the outskirts of Athens. When the team members first saw him, his appearance alone almost broke their hearts. The poor dog was almost bald due to hair loss, his thin body covered with fleas, ticks, and open wounds. One of his ears had also been cut off. After having most likely endured cruel treatment at the hands of humans, this dog was not ready to make friends with the rescue workers. He avoided them and even tried to run from them, making the rescue attempts difficult.

Finally, the team decided to put sedatives in some food and set it out for the dog. Hungry and completely in the dark about what they were doing, the dog wolfed down the food before taking off on his own. Since the sedative would take a while to kick into effect, the team members had to follow him around, waiting on him to finally fall to sleep.

They report that it took almost an hour of keeping up with him before the poor dog gave into his exhaustion and lay down for a nap. Once the dog was out, the rescue team hurried to get him to a treatment center. While the dog looked awful, we are happy to report that he only suffered from the tick disease “ehrichia”.

After receiving treatment for his injuries and condition, the dog was able to make a speedy recovery! He is now completely healed and looking for a new home! Happy, confident, and social with humans, this hardly looks like the same dog. It’s amazing what a little bit of love can do to help an animal overcome a traumatic past. We are so anxious to see how this story ends for this brave dog.

Would you like to help this precious dog find a home? Feel free to invite your friends to read this story and watch the video. By working together, we can ensure that he gets the forever family that he deserves!

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