Vets Construct Lego Wheelchair For Turtle Missing His Back Legs

People who own pets would often do anything to take care of them. We cherish and love these animals like our own children. So when our animal has health issues, many of us will go to the ends of the earth to make it better. But when the health condition is something unusual, it may require some thinking outside the box.

One family adored their turtle named Pedro, but when the animal lost both of his back legs, no one knew how to handle the issue.

Pedro was unable to walk without the legs, but his owners desperately wanted to see him thrive again. Thankfully, with the help of a few veterinarians, some incredibly creative thinking and a toy set from our childhood, Pedro got his happy ending!

When Pedro’s family adopted him, one of his legs was missing. After this, an unfortunate attempt to escape resulted in the loss of his other back leg.

Thankfully, his owners did the right thing and brought him to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Louisiana State University to figure out how to help the turtle walk again.

The turtle was healthy and, apart from moving clumsily, apparently not suffering from anything. 

The creative vet came up with an apparently crazy solution: a car kit, made by the brand that makes Legos. An intern from LSU picked up the Lego car kit and the vets got to work in order to make Pedro’s life as happy as possible.

The wheels from the kit were fastened onto syringes and other devices in order to create an invention that would help Pedro walk again. When it was complete, the wheels were fastened onto the turtle safely by the help of the Lego pieces. Thanks to the durability of these parts, they can even be taken off and on when needed.

Who knew that being a vet required so much ingenuity? Since patients that come into a vet’s office can come in 2 gram or 2,000 pound packages, the vets often have to be creative in their attempts to help these animals.

Still, we have to say that this is likely one of the most ingenious inventions ever created for an animal, and we’re happy that Pedro can walk freely again. What do you think about this device?

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