Woman Went To Rescue A Kitten But Couldn’t Say No To His Pint-Sized Brother

Ashley Morrison learned that a litter of kittens were in need of being rescued. Since Ashley is a rescuer from Seattle, Washington, she was eager to do her part. She immediately saw that these kittens weren’t neutered, vaccinated or dewormed, so Ashley knew that the situation was pretty dire. She wanted to take the kittens so that she could give them the proper medical care that they needed. She even wanted to give the kitten that the owner would be keeping its vaccines and dewormer.

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How did Munchkin wind up with me? I responded to a craigslist post for free kittens. They were being given away un-neutered, un-vaccinated, no dewormer or any type of medical care. I responded to the listen asking if I could take them. After speaking with the poster, I offered to bring vaccines and dewormer for the kitten he planned on keeping as I knew he couldn’t afford it. I met up with him in a public parking lot, and looked into the crate. There I saw Moose (who I originally came for and had since been adopted through me), and in the back of the crate, shaking was tiny Munchkin. I pulled him out, saw his pale gums, his little tremor, and asked if there was any way he would be open to me taking him. “He’s not the runt,” I said. “There’s something very different about him.” “Let her take him!” a woman in the car he had arrived in yelled. Lol The man agreed if I was able to get him all the medical care he needed he was open to it. So off I went, with Moose and Munchkin. ❤️ And the rest is history! He did get the mom cat spayed. And of course Moose and Munchkin received medical care- got neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed and fed the best food. Munchkin will go to his forever home today with Betty and I am so excited for him to lead a much healthier happy life. I am thankful the man who loved him and wanted to keep him, made the best decision for his future.❤️

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She said that she knew that the owner didn’t have the finances to afford these things. But when Ashley arrived, she saw that there were two kittens rather than the one that she thought was going to be there, and this one kitten was terrified in its crate.

The tiny ball of fur that Ashely saw was black and much smaller than the other kittens. She examined the kitten closely and saw that he was shivering and had pale gums. She remarked that there was something different about the kitten, so the owner allowed her to take the smaller kitten in addition to the one that she originally went to pick up.

Before she left, she wanted to spay the mother so that she couldn’t have any more kittens. Ashley named the smaller kitten “Munchkin,” and she named the other kitten “Moose.” Moose was a rambunctious ball of energy, but Munchkin was always a step behind.

When Ashley took Munchkin to the vet, he said that Munchkin appeared to be anemic. He also seemed to be suffering from a neurological issue.

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I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this photo of Munch from the other day! He’s getting so big. 3.2 lbs! Yesterday I was asked why I haven’t been doing lives lately. Honestly I am RUN DOWN. Something is going on with my system and I’m working with a naturopath, primary doctor and rheumatology to try to figure out why I am exhausted 24/7. I don’t mean the usual “I’ve been cleaning all day and taking care of 500 kittens” exhausted. I mean, sleep 8 hours, take 4 hour naps and still be exhausted. I can drink a ton of caffeine, eat sugar, whatever, and still have no energy. Just getting an hour where I feel up to cleaning is exciting. Most of my lab work has come back normal except for being low on iron and Vitamin D. I have the autoimmune disease Psoriasis and due to some other blood work results they’ve sent me to rheumatology. I have that appointment tomorrow. For the most part I wake up tired, drag through my day with a nap or two, and go to bed exhausted. Hopefully we get this figured out soon because it’s miserable! I’d love to be making more funny videos and doing TNR and keeping up with my new house but first I need the energy. A counselor said to me the other day “you take care of so many little ones but when will it be your turn?” and that really hit me. I love rescue so much I give all of myself. But I have to remember it’s ok to know my limits and make time for me. Hopefully I get these medical issues figured out soon! I want to be able to take care of myself AND the kittens for years to come. ❤️

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Munchkin was almost three months old, and he only weighed one and a half pounds! Ashley kept a close eye on this cat because she wanted to make sure that it grew to normal size. Along with being slower than the other kitten, Munchkin also crossed his eyes on occasion. But when he wanted to play, he put his all into it!

Munchkin was about to lose his brother because he would be going to his forever home, so Ashley thought that she would bring a new cat in to keep Munchkin company.

Munchkin met the tabby cat named “Betty,” and the two of them are inseparable! Munchkin is two months older than Betty, but the two cats are the same size. Munchkin was weighed, and he came to 3.2 pounds, so he was ready to be adopted with Betty into his forever home. Munchkin is still half the size he needs to be, but he is eating very well and growing like a weed!

“Munchie has blossomed into a wonderfully affectionate little boy, with no trace of shyness or trepidation,” his new family said. “He sleeps at the foot of our bed most every night.”

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