Wonderful Great Dane Tells Mom Not To Take His Teddy Bear From Him

Dogs are one of the most delightful species of animal humans have ever come across. They are always happy to see us after we collapse on our couch after a long day. They shower us with love and affection no matter what kind of mood we are in. They don’t hold grudges against us for past transgressions, and they always seem to be in a great mood. Dogs show us exactly what it means to love unconditionally and forever.

Maco the Great Dane is no exception. He’s a happy dog who loves his owner very much. He also loves his teddy bear with all of his heart. However, love to a dog often means chewing and biting a toy to get the most out of it. When Maco chewed on the teddy bear out of love, his mom had to tell him to stop. She doesn’t want the Great Dane to completely destroy the teddy bear.

But Maco has other ideas about what he wants to do. He wants his owner to know that he is not quite ready to let his favorite toy go. He wants to chew on it and play some more. Maco grumbles at her to show that he is not willing to part with his beloved stuffed animal. He even folds his great big paws over the teddy bear to keep it close to him. It is adorable just how possessive he is over the stuffed animal.

Some viewers regard Maco’s behavior as guarding aggression and possessiveness. However, Maco’s mother is quick to reassure her viewers that her beloved dog is as sweet and gentle as they come. She said that he is very friendly and extremely good with children.

We are glad that Maco is just a grumbler and not a growler. Great Danes often vocally complain to their humans. There is a video making the rounds on social media showing a dog named Sirius who grumbles when his owners joke with him about dinner. Another Great Dane named Dinky got jealous when his brother Romeo gets attention instead of him. This breed just seems to be the vocal type.

Watch the video for yourself below. Be prepared to crack up at the way Maco “speaks.”

Do you know any Great Danes that talk and grumble like Maco? Let us know in the comments.

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